12 Myths on Lisbon refuted

 Many people voted no last time from uncertainty and misinformation. Here are some of the common No reasons refuted.

  1. Lisbon will NOT pave the way to Abortion:  Ireland has secured a legal guarantee that it will retain control over sensitive social issues, including those related to the protection of the right to life, the family and education.
  2. Lisbon will NOT pave the way to Tax Harmonisation: Ireland has secured a legal guarantee that it will remain in control of its own tax rates.
  3. Lisbon will NOT lead to Ireland’s Militarisation nor Conscription: Ireland has secured a legal guarantee that its traditional policy of military neutrality will not be affected in any way.  There is no European Army.  We retain a triple lock system which requires the explicit approval of the Dáil, the Seanad and the UN for Irish troops to be deployed.
  4. Lisbon will NOT erode Workers’ Rights: The Lisbon Treaty will strengthen workers’ rights by giving legal status to the Charter of Fundamental Rights.
  5. We are NOT voting on the exact same package as last year: We retain a Commissioner and have legally binding guarantees on taxation, neutrality and abortion.
  6. These Guarantees are NOT worthless:  They become legally binding the day the Treaty enters into force. They will be included in a Protocol to be attached to the EU Treaties at the time of the next accession treaty.
  7. Lisbon will NOT create a new EU superstate: The EU is a union of 27 democratic states that has freely chosen to work together. The treaty enhances the democratic nature of the EU by giving a bigger say to national parliaments and the European Parliament.
  8. Ireland will NOT have less power:  The new double majority system voting system is clearer, fairer and protects smaller countries.  In addition, a Yes vote is the only way to save our Commissioner.
  9. Lisbon does NOT affect our minimum wage:  Ireland’s minimum wage is set by Ireland and has nothing whatsoever to do with the EU.  Posters claiming otherwise are part of the No side’s campaign to confuse the electorate
  10. Submissions by Ireland during the Lisbon Treaty negotiations were NOT ignored: Claims to the contrary are based on false research from London-based Eurosceptic groups.

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