Speech to Parnell Summer School on Criminal Justice System

Please see below a transcript of my speech: I am delighted to be here and it is great to be back. Thank you for asking me to speak on this highly interesting and relevant theme. Criminal law is one of the most intellectually challenging, complex and profound aspects of justice Continue Reading →

Dáil debate on Insurance Costs

I contributed to the Dáil debate on Insurance today with the following speech, my second in the chamber: “I welcome the opportunity to contribute to the debate on the insurance costs. I want to concentrate on the areas of public liability insurance, health insurance and general insurance. On public liability Continue Reading →

Policy Priorities

Here are some of my main policy priorities I would pursue if elected to Dáil Éireann. I’ve been outspoken on these issues over the years, however, there is only a limited amount I can achieve as a local community activist and county councillor. Most of these issues need to be Continue Reading →

FG Silence On Constitutional Crisis Deafening

Fine Gael silence on the parliamentary privilege issue is deafening. The right of elected parliamentarians to make statements in the house without fear of litigation is absolute. Article 15.13 of our constitution enshrines that right and it is a pillar of modern democracy, not just here in Ireland, but across Continue Reading →

Lawless Calls for Government to Deliver on FOI Promise

The government’s last minute climb down on attempts to limit the new Freedom of Information (FOI) bill it is currently bringing into law has to be welcomed. Having used FOI on local issues myself it is a vital part of democracy. Fine Gael and Labour had promised to reform Freedom Continue Reading →