Welcome to Rural Broadband Services in North West Kildare

James Lawless broadband worksI welcome the new exchanged based version of fibre powered broadband which was launched in Broadford and Carbury on 29th July. These new cabinets will allow faster internet speeds for local residents and businesses. Broadband is a basic infrastructural requirement now, almost like electricity was at one time, and it is something I feel is a primary requirement for all homes and businesses in this day and age. It is crucial that the best possible service be made available to the maximum number of people. With these new cabinets in North West Kildare it will allow faster internet to an area which has been neglected for some time by internet providers.

It isn’t so long ago that people in rural parts of Kildare would have had to go to the nearest village or library to get better signal if they needed to do something online. The launch of these new cabinets is a necessary boost to the area. I have campaigned since 2012 following the publication of The National Broadband Plan to see that Kildare and in particular rural areas of Kildare receive high speed broadband services, as was promised in the 2012 plan.
While progress has been slow I have continued to push the Department of Communications and Eircom on this issue. My continuing lobbying efforts in Kilteel, Two Mile House, Prosperous, and now Broadford and Carbury show much progress has been made. Clogherinkoe and Johnstown Bridge are also covered under this scheme. I look forward to continuing my good working relationship with Eircom to progress high speed internet services in Kildare.

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