Weekend Street Cleaning Planned for Maynooth Town

I am very happy to announce that I have secured additional street cleaning for Maynooth town following meetings with Kildare County Council County Manager Peter Carey and Director of Services Niall Morrisey on the matter.

The issue of litter in the streets, particularly over the weekends in Maynooth has become topical recently. With the college at full capacity street cleaning services needed to be increased. I have had many locals come into my Maynooth office off the Main Street raising this very valid concern.

I brought this issue to the attention of both Peter Carey and Joe Boland in the council. At our meeting I explained the urgent need for this service to provided. Following this it has been agreed that an initial six day service will be provided in the New Year subject to budget approval by the council.

We have seen Maynooth have continued success in the Tidy Towns Competition and now entering into the Purple Flag award recently. I was delighted to attend the launch of this Purple Flag campaign which highlights the restaurants, hotels and cultural events in the town. The six day street cleaning will only benefit the town and increase its chances of being awarded a purple flag.

I am delighted there is an agreement and understanding from the council and that in January the service should commence.

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