FF Bill on Relief for Apartment Management Fees Welcome

The Fianna Fáil party has published a Bill to provide property tax relief for homeowners who are paying management fees. There are thousands of homeowners living in managed estates across Kildare, and indeed Ireland, who are paying on the double for many services. This is an issue I raised many Continue Reading →

Irish Water Still Delaying TIC of Kildare Estates

Recently I had questions raised in the Dáil seeking clarification regarding the stalling of taking-in-charge of estates since the set up of Irish Water. Kildare South Deputy, Sean O’Fearghail, tabled a number of questions to the Minister on my behalf to clarify the situation on water and taking-in-charge. I raised Continue Reading →

Taking in Charge Stalled by Irish Water Legal Fiasco

Taking in Charge of estates remains a hot topic around County Kildare as numerous estates are waiting for the Council to take them over so they can begin to avail of public services. In some cases estates are not even having their street lights repaired at present as the council Continue Reading →

Residents Still Left in the Dark

I have put in updated requests for progress on the taking in charge of estates as another winter sets in and some estates are still without lighting. Last year I obtained records through the freedom of information act which confirmed a council decision to cut-off 85 estates from maintenance so Continue Reading →

Service Cutoff to 85 Kildare Estates – No Exemption on Household Charge

Minister Brian Hayes said on The Week in Politics today, 25th November, that a full Property Tax would be introduced in the new year “to fund local services for communities”. Well the Government and every Council around the country better make sure they are actually providing services where they propose Continue Reading →