Welcome Investment of LPT in Local Roads

James Lawless Kerdiffstown roadOn being elected I was determined that funds collected from the local property tax (LPT) must be spent locally and not redirected back to national government. At council level, we have made allocations around the district with significant grants being made to Tidy Towns and residents association groups across the Naas district. The LPT monies are also being targeted at playgrounds in Kill, Sallins and Caragh, undergrounding of cables on Naas main street and support for the Naas-Sallins greenway. I have also brought forward various road projects for attention and tried to get a balance according to geography and where the need was greatest.

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Roadworks To Begin Outside Sallins National School

Site of road works set to commence during the school summer holidays

Site of road works set to commence during the school summer holidays

Road works are set to commence surrounding Sallins National School in the  coming weeks after I had arranged for these needed repairs to take place.

The road works will focus on the speed bumps outside of the National School which will be repaired as well as road resurfacing and potholes being filled in. The badly needed works are set to take place in the next few weeks to coincide with the summer holidays to minimise the delays to parents and kids going to school.