Minister overrides Sallins Area Plan

The Minister for Planning and Housing, Simon Coveney TD, has rejected the considered opinion of all 9 Councillors in the Naas electoral area, along with over 2,000 supporting submissions from the Sallins community to reject the amenity option in the local area plan. The Sallins Local Area Plan had contained a provision to zone 40 acres of land at Bodenstown as Amenity along with 30 for housing, the package also included a site for a second school and common use playing fields and community centre. I actively supported this when I was on the council, in fact as Mayor I formally proposed it, and chaired the meetings where it was voted through over the course of the last year.

Coveney refuses Sallins amenities

The County Manager and now the Minister opposed this proposal from the start as their argument was about over-zoning. Everybody in Sallins understands the problems of over-zoning as we are living through it. Sallins went from 500 to 5,000 people in the last fifteen years with no accompanying increase in leisure amenities.

This plan offered a concrete proposal to actually deliver lands for those amenities and enjoyed massive local support. All parties and all Councillors supported it as well as the overwhelming majority of local residents and for the Minister to ignore this reality and strike it down is really riding roughshod over the clearly expressed will of the people in the area affected.

Here is the Minister’s Directive Letter and the Community_Facilities letter that came with it.

It is worth noting the Scout Den is still being delivered and the playground is still underway. The Bodenstown lands were easily the biggest block of zoning in this plan but those smaller parcels are still going ahead so at least some amenities got through.

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Sallins Local Area Plan 2016-2022 DRAFT

Sallins LAP

Click to view full map.

The council has now published the draft local area plan for Sallins to cover the period 2015-2020. The draft plan was agreed following a special meeting of the council last month and is now on public display from 1 December 2015 until 8 January 2016 (read the notice on KCC’s website here). The full draft local area plan can be viewed online here.

The main proposals which are included in the draft are as follows:

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Sallins Local Area Plan 2015 – 2021

Sallins LAP 2015-2021

Zoning map from draft Sallins LAP 2015-2021

Every five years the council publishes a Local Area Plan (LAP) for towns and villages which sets out a roadmap for how they will be developed over the coming years. In particular these LAPs set out where future building development can take place, the density of such development, and the type of development, e.g. residential, commercial, amenity/green space etc. At this point in time, the draft of the Sallins LAP 2015-2021 is now on public display until 11th August 2015. While on public display, the public are offered the opportunity to make submissions regarding the LAP. This is an important occasion in the lifetime of every town. I would always encourage that people get involved in this process and make their opinions about the future development of Sallins heard.

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Sallins Local Area Plan 2015-2019

Sallins mapEvery five years the council produce a planning blueprint for an area, known as a Local Area Plan. The last plan for Sallins was adopted in 2009 and a new plan is in design at present. Some early discussions on that have been had at recent Naas district council meetings and I would expect a draft of the plan to go on display later this month. Amongst other things this will help identify lands for e.g. a playground, industrial activity, any increase or decrease in housing zonings etc. I will keep everyone posted when that plan is made available for review.