Residents Still Left in the Dark

I have put in updated requests for progress on the taking in charge of estates as another winter sets in and some estates are still without lighting. Last year I obtained records through the freedom of information act which confirmed a council decision to cut-off 85 estates from maintenance so Continue Reading →

Government Determined to Tax Unfinished Estates

The Property Tax Exemption list published recently bears little relation to reality according to James Lawless, Fianna Fáil’s Local Area Representative for the Naas Area, North Kildare. James conducted research last year to uncover that 85 named estates within County Kildare had been refused provision of maintenance services by the Continue Reading →

Property Tax: “For Local Services” ?

Fianna Fáil’s Representative for the Naas area, James Lawless, has this week written to the Minister for Housing seeking exemptions against the property tax for up to 85 Kildare estates in line with maintenance records he received last year under the Freedom Of Information acts. “As we now know Kildare Continue Reading →

Service Cutoff to 85 Kildare Estates – No Exemption on Household Charge

Minister Brian Hayes said on The Week in Politics today, 25th November, that a full Property Tax would be introduced in the new year “to fund local services for communities”. Well the Government and every Council around the country better make sure they are actually providing services where they propose Continue Reading →