New Landfill Application at Kerdiffstown

A new application has now been lodged for a landfill at Kerdiffstown, Naas. This is essentially the same application that was refused permission already in 2014. The kernel of the problem here is the atrocious past practice at the same location which led to A1 waste being fined 10 million in the High Court recently, following years of planning problems and abuses at their landfill. It should be noted the new applicant is not connected to A1 and is an entirely separate individual but the local community are understandably very wary of any new landfills in this vicinity, having endured the last one for several years too long. Confidence in the regulatory authorities to properly manage or govern any new facility is very low based on past experience.

A copy of the fresh application is here: Application for new landfill at Kerdiffstown and a sample objection is here also: Sample submission re Waste Permit applic. 2016. If you wish to send in your own objection you can email in to or by post to Kildare County Council, Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas, Co Kildare.

The environmental lobby group Clean Air Naas have also setup a FaceBook page to monitor the application at

I objected the last time and will be doing so again on this occasion as I fail to see what has materially altered since this application was refused barely two years ago. You can see my previous posts on this issue here.

Kerdiffstown Planning Rejected: Update

Kerdiffstown landfill fire in 2010

Kerdiffstown landfill fire in 2010

The application for a NEW waste facility at Kerdiffstown has been REJECTED by Kildare County Council on the 17th November. The new application was at almost the same location as the last disastrous landfill there which was finally shut down by the courts after erupting in a toxic blaze only a few years ago. Over 800 people had objected to that new application, including myself, and the decision to refuse will now bring relief to the surrounding areas of Sallins, Naas and Johnstown.

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Rejection of Contentious Waste Facility Application at Kerdiffstown Welcomed

Clean up work from 2011 at Kerdiffstown Landfill

Clean up work from 2011 at Kerdiffstown Landfill

Kildare County Council have rejected the application for a new waste facility adjacent to the contentious Kerdiffstown landfill site. Cllr. James Lawless has welcomed the decision which will come as relief for residents living nearby in Sallins, Naas and Johnstown. The application submitted by David Boylan Limited earlier in 2014 was met with unprecedented resistance with over 800 objections lodged.

The council have made the right decision this week as there were grave concerns over this proposed facility. The public had lost trust in future developments at this site given past environmental and safety abuses. Hundreds of objections were submitted, including my own. Hopefully the rejection of the waste permit now finally closes the curtain on any further plans for waste dumping at Kerdiffstown.

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My Submission re New Waste Application at Kerdiffstown

As per previous posts, the closing date for submissions on the proposed new waste facility at Kerdiffstown is this Friday. I would encourage all interested parties to make a submission (there is no charge to do so) and they can be sent via a simple email  to the council environmental section at I include my own submission below:

22nd January 2014

Dear Sir / Madam,
I would like to make the following comments on the waste permit application for Kerdiffstown.

The area including site environs has an exceptionally poor history of waste management and enforcement actions. Given the previous history and local sensitivities it is of further concern that the current applicant has not attempted to engage with the local community or to assuage local fears. A reactive and somewhat belligerent interview on local radio by the permit author appears to have been the only communication with the local populace.

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Concerns Over New Kerdiffstown Waste Application

can_super_dumpThere are a number of concerns over the proposed new waste facility at Kerdiffstown which is in a site adjacent to the A1 landfill which was only recently shut down amongst huge controversy and public expense.

The new application can be viewed in full here. It comes in from an apparently different party to the A1 site operators but there are too many similarities for people to be comfortable about this starting off again. There is such a negative history of waste management and enforcement actions in the area that people are rightly thinking ‘once bitten, twice shy’.

On face value we would all love to believe the site will be restored in perfect harmony with the environment as the application states. However the central issue here is one of trust and a lack of confidence in the regulatory authorities to adequately police this facility if it gets the go-ahead. Residents of the Sallins, Kerdiffstown and Monread areas do not want a repeat of the A1 waste debacle. Even if this plant did begin as a model of best practice, the authorities have not demonstrated an ability to either monitor or take effective action if things did go wrong.

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