Too many twits

Or something like that was how David Cameron put it. Now normally I wouldn’t have much time for a Tory but he is the young energetic leader of a party which was out of power for over a decade after a decade prior of being in power until the people got so sick of them they turfed them out for the alternative. And now after a rebuild (and time for people to finally get sick of the new crowd) looks like they’re back in vogue again. I like Labour (old and new) a lot and whilst I was never particularly a Blairite, I was certainly a Brownite and an avowed fan of the new generation such as the mellifluos Milliband, some of which I’ve discussed here before.  But all politics is cyclical and whilst we wait out the turnabout Cameron is living proof that there’s hope for us all.

Anyway I’ve digressed but my original message was to say whilst I haven’t been posting (blog wise) a lot lately, I’ve been busy over on twitter which to be honest is a whole lot easier than writing a full article. So for anyone interested you’ll find me over here in between blog posts…

PS Our former leader (Bertie Ahern TD) begins his News of the World column tomorrow, and whatever about apple tarts, the man knows his sport. Might even pick up a copy as my usual business post is sadly lacking in the green field department..

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