Swimming against the Tide

This is the last I’m going to say about the blog awards, they’re done and dusted for this year and it’s time to move on.

But I did stumble upon this pic which was worth posting up..

Snapped at the Blog Awards
Antoin, Michael and James at the Blog Awards

The gentlemen to my left were Antoin (psychologist, philosopher and technology entrepeneur) and Michael Nugent (author of “I Keano” and the “Dear John” letters as well as the ‘celebrated’ blog post “Fianna Fail’s Fifty Ways to Laugh at Voters”).. Government supporters seem to be a minority voice in the blogosphere, one of these days I’ll write a counter article “Fianna Fáil’s Fifty ways to secure Peace and Prosperity” but not today, it’s the weekend and Crufts is about to start (the kids love it) so sin é for now..

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