Sallins Train Timetable

I recently made a submission to Irish Rail (IR) on the new timetable, on behalf of NASRUG and as part of a process of ongoing consultation with IR. The hope is this may be considered as part of the next issued timetable, which is due out in December, but an outside chance of coming onstream earlier due to the new line capacity offered by the Kildare Route Project.

My key timetable points below:

Naas & Sallins Rail Users Group – NASRUG

Timetable Feedback 2010.

Submitted: James Lawless
(Contact 086 834 8869,

Morning ex Sallins

Problem: Too large a gap between 8.15 and 8.59
Solution: Restore 8.15 to 8.25 or add new train 8.30?

Evening ex Heuston

Problem: Gap between 18.50, 20.10, 21.10
Solution: Reschedule as 19.30, 20.22, 21.10?

Connecting Trains

Problem: Commuters charged extra for making connections e.g. via Newbridge
Solution: Allow season ticket holders this flexibility.


Problem: Some trains now running as three carriages
Solution: Allow extra carriages on busier trains (e.g. 7.45 ex Sallins)

Sundays & Bank Holidays

Problem: No evening Sunday service home (last train departs 6.15pm)
Solution: Schedule later Sunday evening service, e.g. 7.30pm or 8pm

Problem: No bank holiday service at all
Solution: Run Sunday or other reduced service level on bank holidays.

(Later Sunday service especially important during championship summers!)

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