Sallins Manifesto

I have added a general policy page here. This page contains a number of specific local measures I would hope to introduce for Sallins if elected:

  • Secure a playground within the village perimeter


  • Provide lights or a roundabout at Oldbridge/Osberstown exit


  • Provide 4 way signal controlled junction at Railway Inn / Osberstown Court


  • Promote a secondary school option for Sallins / Kill / Johnstown together


  • Address parking issues within village and prevent inappropriate all-day parking (whilst ensuring provision of adequate parking requirements at train station)


  • Enhance security presence and locate a Garda sub-station within Sallins village


  • Progress the 30 acre amenity and sports complex (GAA development) on the Clane road and support  the project as it advances through the stages ahead


  • Support the parish development plans which include a new church, parish hall, community centre, new access roads to school and train station.


  •  Provide a permanent home for youth club, possibly in one of above developments


  • Accelerate Sallins bypass to take HGVs and through traffic off village streets


  • Take in charge remaining estates and address snagging / finishing issues locally


  • Provide cycle paths in village with walking and cycle trails along canal and Liffey


  • Enhance pedestrian safety across village with barriers & footbridges across canal


  • Preserve village character through planning and address derelict buildings/sites


  • Provide footpaths to Bodenstown cemetery, and fully to Osberstown crèche


  • Resurface Chapel Lane and other internal village roads


  • Continue to improve rail timetable and provide village with bus service after 7pm


  • Support local enterprise and explore a Chambers of Commerce for Sallins

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