Sallins Business Association Launched

I was delighted to host the first meeting of the Sallins Business Association which took place on Monday 6th January. This is something I had organised over the past few months for which the main focus of the association to simply make Sallins a better place to do business.

The meeting was well attended with over 30 local retailers and business owners. A special thanks to Tara Lane from the Kilcock Business Association who offered some advice on the night about their experiences setting up a similar group. I have seen the idea work elsewhere and with the number of businesses now trading in Sallins I felt it was definitely worth a go here too.

There was a very good response to the idea and there was great positivity at the meeting. I am of the view that a rising tide lifts all boats and if the traders are doing well it creates employment, assists development, lifts the local economy and is good for everyone. There are so many businesses in the village now. At its most basic the association will serve as a network for local businesses to trade with each other, at a higher level it will enable joint marketing of Sallins as a village. There is also the advantage of a common voice when dealing with third parties like the Council, Waterways Ireland or other external agencies that have an affect.

With the planned by-pass underway and upgrade of the canal harbour, there is great and growing business and tourism potential for the village also. With a combined marketing approach and a bit of co-ordination could reap dividends in terms of village development and making the most of these opportunities. There is a lot going on and now is a good time to get organised.

I would encourage any local businesses to get involved and help make it a success. The next meeting will be held Monday 20th January upstairs in Lock13. Any businesses in the Sallins area are welcome to attend. Contact me for more information.

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  1. Mary Foley

    I am now working for the Local Enterprise Office in Kildare and would like to make contact with the various business associations in the county. I see that you are involved in one in Sallins.

    Perhaps after the elections(!) you might get in touch with me so that we can have a chat about what LEO can do for small businesses in Sallins.

    If you prefer, you may pass on my details to the appropriate person.
    Mary Foley
    045 980532

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