Safety Railings at Kill School

Local Area Representative, James Lawless, has escalated the safety issues at Kill school entrance to the Department of Education.

When the new Kill primary school opened last year, the gates open out onto a busy slip road for traffic coming into the village off the M7. Children cycle and walk along a kerbside right beside the road with no separation and one trip or push could have tragic consequences. Parents have been campaigning for railings or a barrier to be erected.

James raised the matter with Fianna Fáil Education Spokespeople, Senator Averil Power and Deputy Charlie McConalogue, who in turn raised the matter with the Minister for Education. In response to these representations the Department have confirmed they have no objection to railings or similar safety features at the exit of the school and the matter is four square within the council jurisdiction to resolve. James has pledged to continue working with colleagues and parents and to press the council to progress this issue to a solution.

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