Proven Track Record on Environmental Issues

Proven Track Record on the Environment

  • Campaigning for better public transport since 2004
  • Secured recycling bins in Sallins in 2008
  • Was giving talks on “five mile rule” re local produce in 2005
  • Proposed cycle lanes and “staying alive 1.5” campaign when on council
  • Supported remediation of Kerdiffstown from landfill into public park
  • Vice Chair of the Environment & Climate Action Oireachtas Committee
  • Led for Fianna Fáil on the climate change Dáil debates
  • Over the past Dáil term I supported the following measures:
    • A ban on dangerous microbeads
    • A ban on fracking
    • A ban on further exploration of fossil fuels
    • Restrictions on single use plastics
    • Micro-generation solar schemes for clubs and communities

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