Progression for new Boys School in Clane

Meeting with Parents in Clane

Meeting with Parents in Clane

I have been working to progress the construction of the new boys school for Clane following meetings with school officals and concerned parents.

As parents and all the school population will be aware there have been many delays in advancing this new school build and it is imperative it now progresses to the build stage.The school have long awaited the new build and have sat on the school building list for a number of years for different reasons. It is important now that the project has got to planning permission stage that it rapidly advances through the remaining phases and proceeds to construction as soon as possible.

I have raised this with the Minister for Education and requested rapid progress now that it is into the final stages. Currently children have to run back and forth to the neighbouring girls school for extra accommodation and the school is struggling to manage with scarce space as it grows for recreation and even basic classrooms. The new building is a matter of urgency and now it is almost ‘shovel ready’ we need to keep it moving forward.

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