EU Conference on Energy, Security and Union

14671169_10154417252951047_8736232268506444956_nI spent the weekend at the EU conference on energy security and union in Copenhagen.

As part of my role on the Oireachtas committee on energy and climate change, it is vital to understand what is being done elsewhere and how they have transitioned off fossil fuels and become more energy efficient. “The most efficient energy is the one we don’t use” and reducing consumption is one step we can take.

Lots of progressive ideas from across Europe which highlighted how much we could do without even making wholesale changes. Just one example is the amount of heat lost from all our factories out into the ether, which could be easily captured and harnessed with no extra outputs.

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New Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Science and Technology, Research and Development

James Lawless T.D. at a recent event in Intel, Leixlip. Pictured with Cllr. Paul Ward.

James Lawless T.D. at a recent event in Intel, Leixlip. Pictured with Cllr. Paul Ward.

I am delighted to have been appointed Fianna Fáil spokesperson on Science and Technology, Research and Development by party leader Michael Martin T.D. this week. This is an area which has been neglected by the current Government with no Minister or Minister of State responsible for such a Department. Continue Reading →

#IBA 10 !

blogawardsIrish Blog Awards 2010 (aka #iba10 to Dan Boyle and the like) is here again. Delighted to see that for the third year in a row I have been nominated for an award.

This year I feature in two categories, this blog is in under ‘Best blog by a politician’ which I quite like as before I was lumped in with ‘political blogs’ which was good company sure, but difficult on a competitive level where the categories differed subtly. Some were dedicated commentators and analysts (including some professional journalists) and others were trying to knock out a few words when time permitted to give a local heads up. So the new category makes sense and is better suited here.

During the past year I also joined the team at which is a previous multi-award winner and I would like to think their new recruit’s alternate analysis and keen counterpoint to the anti-establishment bias gives them a more complete portfolio and may even nudge the award back into the IE camp again. This time with me joining them in the winners’ enclosure of course 🙂

Full list of nominations and categories here:

Comments please..

Hello everybody. I’ve been blogging since late 2007 and have received a nomination in each year for the ‘Blog Awards’, the 2010 instalment of which is almost upon us. Each year I’ve received a citation and made the long list which is nice in itself but I haven’t yet reached the critical mass which would propel me onto a shortlist or get people to take notice.  Partly I write because it’s therapeutic, partly because I often have strong views which I feel the need to release upon the world, but in a large part I write for feedback. I want to know what people think, do people agree or disagree, am I on the money or off the wall. Comments (feedback) are the lifeblood of blogging. I would like to know that someone is out there. A blog needs to have dialogue for it to be real. Otherwise I might as well write a closed book diary.

So I’m making an appeal. If you like this blog or if it provokes you in any way please say so.  Just try leaving a comment after you read a post. Tell your friends, spread the word. Lionise or lacerate, your choice.  But either way I’d love to hear your views..

PS To those of you who already comment thankyou it is much appreciated.