Focus on Policy; Tech & Innovation

Am Fianna Fáil spokesperson on Science and Technology

  • Deal with Social Media Companies on regulation
  • Introduced new laws to manage social media
  • Proposed regulation for “fake news” and dark ads
  • Measures to avoid online harms and internet safety
  • Have argued for importance of cyber-security
  • Member of International Cross-Parliamentary Group
  • Quoted in US, UK, Chinese and Russian Media
  • Deal with Universities and Research Institutes
  • Advocate for Knowledge Economy and Research Funding
  • Work with FDI and many Tech/Sci Multinational Firms
  • Critical to support discovery and innovation and future jobs
  • Published “Science Foundation Ireland” legislation
  • Won cross-party support for Ireland to join CERN
  • Sat on Oireachtas committee to implement GDPR into Irish Law
  • Introduced multiple private members bills and legislative amendments

New measures needed to safeguard our heritage in the digital age

DAAs Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Technology I have brought forward new legislation aimed at safeguarding our national and cultural heritage in the digital age.

‘The Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Law Amendment Bill’ aims to introduce a new provision to capture and archive the content contained on the .ie web domain. The amendment requires the Government to report back within 12 months on the feasibility of a digital lead deposit scheme to serve as a web archive.

Many other countries already have legislation in place aimed at capturing the content on their country’s web domain. 20 of the 28 member states of the European Union have digital deposit schemes in place. Unfortunately Ireland is falling far behind our counterparts when it comes to protecting our digital heritage. The Bill I have brought forward aims to address this. Continue Reading →

Minister must bring CERN talks to Cabinet

Pictured at the march for Science recently.

Pictured at the march for Science recently.

As Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Science, Technology, Research& Development I have urged Minister Francis Fitzgerald to accelerate the process of Ireland joining CERN.

Membership of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) has major benefits for the research and development sector in Ireland yet no progress has been made by the Government in joining the organisation. Continue Reading →

Drones Bill Introduced in Dáil

droneI was delighted to introduce my second Bill at first stage in the Dáil yesterday. The Small Unmanned Aircraft (Drones) Bill 2017, which you can read in full here, aims to legislate for the use of Drones. You can also read the transcript of my speech introducing the Bill here. I have met many organisations, hobbyists and other stakeholders to ensure the Bill provides safety and best practices without taking away the enjoyment of Drone use. Continue Reading →

Commitment from Taoiseach in his first Leaders Questions

I have called on the Taoiseach, in his first Dáil debate since being elected to the role,  to urge his Government officials to utilise digital technologies when answering queries. The programme for Government includes a commitment to improve the flow of information from Departments to Deputies. Continue Reading →