New Irrigation System for Naas Tidy Towns Delivered

Naas Tidy Towns James Lawless

With the Naas Tidy Towns group with samples of the new irrigation system for the town.

I’m delighted to announce the news that I recently secured a ten thousand euro investment for Naas Tidy Towns to install an irrigation system to keep all the flower boxes and hanging baskets on the main street fresh all summer. This grant aid comes after lobbying efforts I’ve been making to the council on behalf of Naas Tidy Towns. This will make a huge difference to the appearance of the town in years to come. Naas Tidy Towns have always found it a challenge to keep flower boxes and baskets irrigated. Hopefully now this will no longer be an issue and will enhance the overall look of the town. Up until now, these would have to be watered manually overhead. Now it can be all done automatically. This is a worthy use of council funding which goes directly in to improving the appearance of Naas town. The new system will also be environmentally friendly drawing on local water sources. I wish Naas Tidy Towns the best of luck with it in the years to come.

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