Naas Roundabouts Sponsorship Scheme Welcomed

James Lawless NaasThe council has agreed to my proposals for a sponsorship scheme to landscape roundabouts within the Naas area. The motion brought forward in November at a meeting of Naas Municipal District was greeted positively by the council. This initiative will serve as a boost for the appearance of the town as well as providing advertising opportunities to local businesses. I am delighted that this has been accepted by the council. All roundabouts in the Naas area, even the minor ones, will now be open to accepting sponsorship in lieu of landscaping. It benefits both the council and local businesses while providing residents and motorists with a more attractive town.

While some of the major roundabouts have sponsored landscaping carried out on them, the process is far too slow, and now my proposal extends this scheme to all roundabouts. I would hope now too that the tendering process could be speeded up and open to all businesses in the Naas area.

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