Naas MD Discretionary Spending Budget 2016

Cllr James Lawless 2015The Naas Municipal District has now drawn up and agreed its budget for 2016. Whilst the significant bulk of the annual budget continues to be addressed towards the key pillars of housing provision, roads and engineering, environmental protection, planning, economic development etc, there is a small pool of money ring fenced for discretionary spend by Councillors in each district. This fund comes from the retained element of the local property tax revenues. In the Naas Municipal district, following discussion and agreement by all Councillors, we have now agreed to allocate the discretionary monies as follows:

Playgrounds – €180,000
Footpaths – €140,187
Rural roads – €225,000
Kilcullen lights – €5,000
Naas dog park – €5,000
Tidy Towns and residents associations – €76,000
Sports clubs – €50,000
Under-grounding cables in Naas Main Street – €60,000
Arts support project – €5,000
Enterprise allocation – €20,000
Street light maintenance – €10,000
Naas Tidy Towns irrigation – €10,000

The total amount of discretionary spending in 2016 is budgeted at €786,187. This is in addition to the main council spending budget. I would like to thank all members of the Naas district for their positive and collaborative inputs to arrive at these spending figures.

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