M7 Widening to Begin January 6th

M7 near Millennium Park where Sallins bypass will intersect with new 3-lane motorway.

M7 near Millennium Park where Sallins bypass will intersect with new 3-lane motorway.

I can confirmed that work has begun in earnest for the widening of the M7 motorway. The works have begun on the M7 at Johnstown to the Naas South exit which will see the motorway expanded and the Sallins bypass installed. The works will fully begin on January 6th.

This is a great start to 2018. I have campaigned for many years for the project to go ahead. It is a vital piece of infrastructure which has been badly needed. Now commuters and residents alike will see tangible evidence that the work is well underway.

Once completed in 2020 the final project will see extra capacity on the M7, a new interchange, and bypass of Sallins. This will take away the issue of Johnstown and Kill being used as rat runs in mornings and evenings, and stop the bottle necks in Sallins for commuters on route to Sallins, Clane, Prosperous and the wider area.

There will likely be some inconvenience during the construction however this is a critical infrastructure project for the county and the area and the long term benefits should far outweigh any short term disruptions. If particular issues arise during the job, I will keep residents updated and feel free to contact me on this also.

Ultimately this will make the wider Naas area a more attractive destination for businesses and families looking to move into the region. The news that work has moved onto the motorway itself is a positive way to start the New Year. I am looking forward to working with all the stakeholders involved to ensure the project runs smoothly and is delivered on time. You can keep up to date on the project on this website also: http://www.m7upgrade.com/

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