Lisbon – one stop shop!

Good morning everyone and a special hello to anyone visting from the train station canvass this morning. I have collated a variety of Lisbon information over the previous few posts, some of it my own materials, others sourced from a variety of places but all explaining why it is my view that a Yes vote is the only choice that makes sense when we vote on the treaty on the 2nd October. Have a read and feel free to drop a comment or come back to me with any views, questions or queries. James

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  1. Des Groome

    Hi James,
    The YES groups are taking no chances this time- a good late campaign by local political parties and YES lobby ( around Kildare, Newbridge and Monasterevin ) as far as we can see around this area anyway. Good turnout ( over 100) at a meeting in Kildare organised by Sean OF, and at a YesforEurope meeting in MOnasterevin last week.
    FG have one in the Keadeen on Tues at 8pm with Enda, Mairead MacG and Phil Hogan.
    The party needs a boost so lets hope for an emphatic YES.
    The international business and political communities want to see Ireland make an open and outward-looking decision- and the country’s recovery is indirectly partially dependent on that decision.
    I like your 13 reasons list and the myths list; you have nailed the best available analysis!
    best regards,

  2. James Lawless

    Hi Des,

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 😉

    I’ve added you my blogroll on the right (intend to expand that soon) and will give you a proper plug in an upcoming post. Some great materials on your site. I particularly liked the point about the recognition of christian tradition, it was one I hadn’t been familiar with before and an important counter argument to those on the christian right who oppose the treaty. I may do a semi humorous analysis of the different groups later actually.

    Keep up the good work!


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