Kildare is left as the forgotten county facing the eye of Storm Emma

28577478_10155954780456047_333058848195608576_nThe people of Kildare are feeling isolated and abandoned by the inadequate level of response being provided to the county by the National Co-Ordination Centre following Storm Emma.

Almost every county in country has been left reeling from the extreme weather event which unfolded in recent days and understandably national resources have been spread nationwide.

However, there has been little or no acknowledgement of the fact that Kildare bore the brunt of Storm Emma.

This isnt parochial, it is evident in Met Eireann’s data that places such as Naas, Sallins, Clane and Kill were quite literally in the eye of the storm. In fact, Kilteel is still dealing with a 12ft drift of snow this afternoon.

I don’t get any sense of understanding whatsoever from the national media coverage of the storm that Kildare is still dealing with extreme conditions. We are one of the worst hit.

While the national narrative has moved towards the post-storm clean phase, the people of Kildare in some cases, remain days away from being able to leave their homes.

People are running out of medical supplies, food, fuel and feel abandoned by the lack of national effort being directed at our county. Numerous roads remain impassable and the rural parts in particular are deeply affected.

The Council are doing it’s absolute best in assisting people but their efforts are now relying on the support of quarry operators and farmers with machinery.

I am urging those overseeing the recovery effort and especially the the National Co-Ordination Centre, to urgently re-deploy resources to Kildare.

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