Kildare Bottom of the Table on IDA Visits

idaRecent figures I obtained have revealed Kildare has some of the lowest numbers of IDA Ireland sponsored site visits​ over the last four years. The IDA visits, which can le​a​d to direct investment and employment opportunities in the ​county, have been severely lacking in Kildare since the current government took office. I have highlighted the lack of strong representation from the incumbent Kildare government T​.​D​.​’s on this issue for some time. Kildare has only received five IDA visits over the past four years. For ​the fourth largest​ county ​in Ireland ​with a sufficient motorway links, infrastructure, and a willing workforce it is disappointing more visits have not been made.

Why Kildare has had five visits when places like Westmeath received 37, Wicklow received 13, and Kilkenny received 11 is baffling. I believe Kildare can compete with these counties and offer better facilities to prospective business looking to invest in Ireland. Serious questions need to be raised about the lack of visits given we have three government T.D’s in North Kildare who have clearly not been urging their Ministerial colleagues to support Kildare with IDA visits. As a candidate for the next general election I aim to hold the government to account on the issue of IDA visits​ and look to​ urge more visits​ from outside investors to ​drive the Kildare economy​​ in the right direction.

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