Kilcullen Road Works Update

The "official" Kilcullen Rd detour map.

The “official” Kilcullen Rd detour map.

Following various conversations with residents and other concerned parties over last few days I discussed these proposals with council officials again and this is the current situation as regards the Kilcullen Road works and detour:

  • The main news is that local traffic can use the Rathasker road as an inner relief road now; accordingly that will now become a one way circuit also, making a full circuit via Rathasker road and back out by Kilcullen road possible. This aspect is new and came out of my discussion with council today.
  • The overall works could run for up to a year but the one-way system is temporary and will not run all that time.
  • Two way flow will be restored as soon as feasible; December is the very worst case, it could and should be much sooner.
  • Two way flow will be restored on an incremental basis, as soon as feasible; in other words it may be possible to bring two way flow in as far as Esmondale first, then a few weeks later two way as far as Broadfield and so on.
  • The stretch of affected road from Kilashee hotel to Esmondale will be one way at the outset; the rest of the system will remain two way all through. E.g. a car could drive from Kilcullen to Kilashee hotel, then turn around and drive back.
  • There is an awareness of state exams over the next few weeks and discretion will be applied in these cases.

None of this is perfect but I hope that makes it clearer at least. I understand a deputation from the three residents committees met with council officials this morning also and I understand that also helped to explain what is proposed. I hope the Rathasker route provides a more workable option for local traffic but we will see how next week goes.

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