Kerdiffstown Planning Rejected: Update

Kerdiffstown landfill fire in 2010

Kerdiffstown landfill fire in 2010

The application for a NEW waste facility at Kerdiffstown has been REJECTED by Kildare County Council on the 17th November. The new application was at almost the same location as the last disastrous landfill there which was finally shut down by the courts after erupting in a toxic blaze only a few years ago. Over 800 people had objected to that new application, including myself, and the decision to refuse will now bring relief to the surrounding areas of Sallins, Naas and Johnstown.

Meanwhile the cost of cleaning up the previous landfill at Kerdiffstown continues to mount as it is essential this waste material is cleaned up before any leachate spreads into neighbouring streams and beings to contaminate the wider environment. The Department of Environment are also keen to progress the remediation of the site. The next steps will likely involve the publication of the preferred technical option to perform this cleanup, including an EIS as well as a possible CPO.

It is envisaged that this process will commence in 2015 but in the interim the site continues to be closely monitored by the EPA with particular emphasis on gas and leachate. The Council environmental team have also studied the reports and is satisfied that there are no immediate concerns, from an environmental perspective. I will keep onto this and keep you updated.

A full history of my updates on this matter can be read here.

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