EU Conference on Energy, Security and Union

14671169_10154417252951047_8736232268506444956_nI spent the weekend at the EU conference on energy security and union in Copenhagen.

As part of my role on the Oireachtas committee on energy and climate change, it is vital to understand what is being done elsewhere and how they have transitioned off fossil fuels and become more energy efficient. “The most efficient energy is the one we don’t use” and reducing consumption is one step we can take.

Lots of progressive ideas from across Europe which highlighted how much we could do without even making wholesale changes. Just one example is the amount of heat lost from all our factories out into the ether, which could be easily captured and harnessed with no extra outputs.

District heating, more renewables, insulation and smart buildings all work. Amazing how everyone was cycling over there as almost the default mode of transport.

With Bill Boslew MP

With Bill Boslew MP

Finally it was great to catch up with MPs and MEPs from all over Europe but especially with our celtic cousins from Plaid Cymru in Wales and the SNP in Scotland.

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