Eircode process must be sped up for new homes

I have called on the Government to instruct their providers to speed up the issuing of Eircodes to new homes. I am aware of some residents who have put effort into building a new home only to have to wait months before being active on the Eircode system. This delay has concerning consequences for the home owner.

The time it takes to be issued with a new Eircode means they are months without access to telephone lines or broadband services. More concerning is in the event an ambulance or other emergency services are needed to the home there is no identifying code to be provided.

Since introduction the Eircode system has proven to be effective. However the lag in issuing codes to new builds is evident. It has to be improved and quickened.

The Minister for Communications did concede to say his Department would have the process expedited. I will continue to advocate for these new home owners to ensure the process is streamlined.

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