Derelict Sites Task Force Established

James Lawless NaasI’m delighted that my proposal has been accepted for the creation of a derelict sites task force which will seek to tackle the derelict buildings across Co. Kildare with a view to rendering them suitable for residential and commercial use. The Derelict Building Task Force will examine and work with the council to restore the empty buildings in Kildare.

I pushed for this at the recent recent county council meeting and am delighted to be spearheading the project. I have had many people contact me regarding housing and the lack of available housing. I am determined we make better use of the buildings we already have. I believe this task force has the potential to bring more business to our main streets. It is also imperative to tackle the eyesores that are left behind in so many areas causing frustration to areas and detracting from the local environment.

There are powers in the existing legislation to CPO sites if necessary and that these were rarely invoked but needed to be taken more seriously. The task force must have teeth if it is to work – the powers are there, let’s use them. People are very frustrated by these types of buildings and this is an opportunity to make something happen.

The committee will include representatives of economic planning, environment and planning and will be headed up by myself. Another frequent issue I am regularly contacted about is the derelict commercial sites around the county. The sites which can be worked on by the council will be listed, examined, and worked on in the coming months by the Derelict Building Task Force.

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