Calls for clarity in Waterways car park, Sallins , as clamping increases

wheel-clamp-appIn the past week alone I have been contacted by many commuters who have been unfairly clamped. These car parks have been used for commuters at Sallins train station for many years, including myself. I understand the arrangement had worked well while providing convenience and capacity to the train station. Now however, the car park has been split by the two management companies with little to no additional signage informing commuters of where to park and pay following the new arrangements.

This has led to much confusion for those using the car park as tickets for one section are not recognised in the other. Since Monday I have been contacted by five individuals who have returned home from a day’s work to find their cars clamped through no real fault of their own.

I have corresponded with the management of both car parks to request a meeting with them. I have also asked them to improvement the signage and awareness in their car parks to better notify their customers as to what sections and costs a required in the complex.

I had previously called for better protection for motorists in such car parks and call on the Taoiseach last year to follow through on promised clamping regulation legislation. You can read my exchange with the Taoiseach here.

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