8 more reasons since last time round..

1. It’s a new proposal. Europe has listened to the Irish people, giving new guarantees on all of the main issues from last year. The Treaty is subject to these new guarantees. In over 50 years, the EU has fully honoured all such guarantees.

2. Only a Yes Vote will bring about a Reformed EU to tackle the Economic Crisis. A Union frozen in the past is of no use to anyone, but a Union which is more dynamic and effective is essential for our future.

3. Only a Yes Vote is Good for Investment: 90% of those who invest in Ireland and support hundred of thousands of jobs say that confidence in our position as a Euro-positive country matters a lot for them. Only a Yes will help maintain confidence at this difficult time.

4. Only a Yes Vote Saves Our Commissioner: A No vote means we could lose our Commissioner by November, and along with it we will lose our voice at the EU’s top table. In 2008, 80% of people were concerned about this issue. It has now been addressed.

5. Only a Yes Vote helps tackle Climate Change, insecure Energy Supplies, as well as helps to fight Cross-Border Criminals, Human Traffickers, and Drug Dealers. We cannot fight these problems on our own.

6. Only a Yes Vote is good for Workers and Social Protection: The Treaty gives legal effect to the rights, freedoms and principles as set out in the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

7. Only a Yes Vote ensures a more Democratic and Accountable EU: Lisbon makes a new oversight role for the Oireachtas, and increases the powers of the European Parliament

8. Only a Yes Vote will send a Vital Signal to our EU Partners and to International Investors that we are a Fully Engaged EU Country. The EU is a key part of our path to economic recovery. A more efficient EU is to our benefit.

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