Maiden Speech on Housing in 32nd Dáil

I gave my “maiden speech” in the Dáil last week, in what was the second day of sitting of the 32nd Dáil. My first speech was a contribution to the debate on Housing and Homelessness.

In summary the points I raised are as follows;
-Need for a restart of social housing building programme(currently 19,000 individuals on Kildare housing list).
-Review of rent allowance to combat the rising rental costs.
-Review of the Central Bank Mortgage deposit rules.
-Derelict sites refurbished and brought back into circulation.
-Rates initiative for living above shops (to bring more buildings into use for accommodation and knock on positive affects for our main streets).
-Account of consistent rental payments given more credibility when looking for a deposit for a home.

The full text of my speech is below:
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Social Housing Announcement for Craddockstown, Naas

Sample of recent KCC social housing built in Sallins.

Sample of recent KCC social housing built in Sallins.

Welcome news with the announcement from the Department of the Environment that 75 local authority houses have been given the go ahead in Craddockstown, Naas. This funding announcement follows on from my council motion in September seeking clarity from the Department regarding funding for social housing in Kildare. I am delighted that funding for local authority housing in Naas has been announced today. The 75 new units will ease the social housing wait times for families who have had to endure extremely long wait times, in difficult circumstances, for housing.

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Housing Regulations Ard Fheis Motion

That this Ard-Fheis recognises the need for careful planning of residential areas, with provision made in high-density housing areas to ensure adequate parking facilities, sound-proofing, privacy and protection from anti-social behaviour. (Sallins Cumann, Kildare North)


Minister, Teachta Daila, Senators, A delgaidi, etc etc,


Modern society sees concentration of population around our capital cities and similar conglomerations around our other urban centres.

To meets the demands of housing accommodation within concentrated areas many developments have embarked upon a high density model with X units to an acre for example to maximise use of space and deliver affordable housing within confines of space and location.

Delegates however I now call for a review of planning guidelines and a concerted effort to ensure quality of housing is not allowed to suffer under pressures of rapid development.

Many issues emerge from our recent residential developments.

In some cases parking facilities are found to be inadequate. Complaints, Lorries, truck bays.

Sound-proofing is another significant issue that is frequently raised. Too often shortcuts in construction lead to technical faults in barrier walls which lead to unacceptable levels of noise pollution in many modern homes.

Privacy is always a challenge in high density developments. Open plan developments are becoming common on newer estates as private gardens are replaced with shared spaces and…

I believe this is contrary to the Irish psyche. As if proof were even needed for Irish obsession with land the success of allotment scheme Naas UDC…

In this scenario incidents of anti-social behaviour can be magnified and in the absence of adequate planning safeguards can lead to a Darwinist society

Confusion over standards, leniency over implementation

I believe revised planning protocols are now necessary to address these issues.

Parking – Lorry Bays

Sound Proofing – Proper controls, enforcement and inspection

Houses built in 70’s this not an issue

Open Spaces – proper delineation of boundaries