Welcome to Rural Broadband Services in North West Kildare

James Lawless broadband worksI welcome the new exchanged based version of fibre powered broadband which was launched in Broadford and Carbury on 29th July. These new cabinets will allow faster internet speeds for local residents and businesses. Broadband is a basic infrastructural requirement now, almost like electricity was at one time, and it is something I feel is a primary requirement for all homes and businesses in this day and age. It is crucial that the best possible service be made available to the maximum number of people. With these new cabinets in North West Kildare it will allow faster internet to an area which has been neglected for some time by internet providers.

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Kilteel / Eadestown / Rathmore eFibre Rollout

I have been trying to make progress on broadband for the Kilteel / Eadestown / Rathmore area for some time. Unfortunately the latest news from Eircom is not so good here:

These areas are served by four exchanges – Brittas (Kilteel area), Kill (Kilteel/Rathmore), Rathmore (Rathmore and Eadestown) and Rathcoole (Kilteel/Rathmore area).

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Prosperous Broadband Update

Prosperous Broadband Rollout

As per other posts, I have been lobbying to ensure broadband is rolled out across the area and am in regular contact with Eircom senior management to obtain details of how the eFibre rollout is progressing. Re Prosperous I was informed last week that the first two cabinets are due to be fibre enabled by the end of this year. These two cabinets are located at Curryshill and at Hatters Cross. Once live these should bring over 500 addresses into scope for high speed broadband. There are a further two cabinets located opposite the church and at Rath Avenue that are in development phase at the moment. I will continue to engage with Eircom management to ensure Prosperous benefits fully from the rollout programme.

Johnstown Broadband Update

I have been working with Eircom Networks for some time to advance and accelerate the rollout of their high speed ‘eFibre’ broadband offering across the local area and to escalate different queries that come in from constituents. I understand that Johnstown village has been listing as being “enabled” on the website however orders could not be placed when people rang in.

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