Progress on Lower Morrell Flood Relief Scheme

The Lower Morrell area, comprising the rural townlands of Kileenmore, Alasty, Painestown, Daars and Turnings between Sallins, Straffan and Clane, has been hit repeatedly by flooding over the past several years as the Morrell and Painestown rivers burst their banks any time of high rainfall which floods houses and property all throughout those areas. Despite this being an issue for the past several years, it has taken a very long time to have attention focused on it in terms of securing the necessary relief to carry out prevention works.
 I have been seeking flood relief efforts there for some time (see previous posts here) having advanced this issue through to design stage with Kildare County Council whilst serving as a Councillor and has recently been lobbying the Office of Public Works for the funding necessary for that scheme to proceed.

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Update on Flood Relief Plans of Morell and Painstown Rivers Sought

Morrell-River-flood-reliefAt the recent meeting of Naas Municipal District council, I asked for updates on the flood relief plans at Killeenmore. This follows from​ ​flooding of the Morell and Painstown rivers several times over the previous​ months​ and​ o​n a regular basis for the past several winters. This is a matter I’ve been raising for years now. We need a comprehensive flood relief plan for Killeenmore and indeed all effected areas along the Morell river. Repeated flooding has gone on far too long now and residents are continuously distressed.

The council responded to the matter saying it has submitted its report to the Office of Public Works. The report addresses the feasibility design and costs of such a flood relief plan for the area.​ ​​The council confirmed that a meeting is​ ​planned with​ ​the​ OPW in the next 3​ ​weeks​ ​to progress the matter. I asked the council to update local members at the February council meeting of Naas Municipal District.

Morrell Flood Relief Plans

Morrell flood relief map smallEveryone remembers when Sallins flooded in 2009 but whilst most people will recall the urban flooding at “The Waterways” in Sallins village, it gathered less media attention that rural townlands were flooding at the same time just a mile or two out the road. The areas of Killeenmore and Turnings were especially hit but also Castlewarden and unfortunately surface flooding on the N7 around there remains a familiar sight after a heavy rainfall. I was onsite with the residents during those floods back in 2009 and 2010 (see here) and have continued to liaise with the local committee since as a solution has evolved. Thankfully we are nearing the end of that journey and plans for a new flood relief scheme to mitigate all along the Morrell river basin were unveiled in the council offices last month. You can view the detailed designs at this link here and the council are accepting submissions until the end of November.

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Access Concerns on New Childrens’ Hospital

Fianna Fáil’s Naas Area Representative, James Lawless, has expressed concern over the government’s choice of site for the childrens’ hospital and has expressed reservations on the city centre location chosen in Dublin 8.

“A great many people from the Naas Area and across North Kildare will have had occasion to visit Tallaght hospital with their children and most will have found it accessible, clean, efficient and convenient” said James.

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First Impressions on Local Government Reforms

So Big Phil finally published his ‘opus magnus’ yesterday with all the detail on local government reforms including abolition of town councils, levelling of councillor ratios across the country and creation of much bigger wards in Dublin and the commuter belt.

Still trying to digest it all (it’s a big document!) but my first impressions are as follows:

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