Recent Garda Figures for Kildare North Appalling

Speaking in Kill in 2013 with FF justice spokesman Niall Collins TD on recent garda station closures.

Speaking in Kill in 2013 with FF spokesman on justice Niall Collins TD on recent garda station closures.

Recent figures released show a significant decrease in Garda numbers deployed in Kildare. The government have failed in their lack of forward planning and regard to the public safety of Kildare residents. This news comes on top of a spate of closures of Garda stations by the government which I have warned against over the last number of years. I have been highlighting crime and security concerns for some time now.

It is not good enough that Kildare has to suffer further decreases to Gardaí numbers in our county. The cumulative cuts imposed by the current government over the previous four years have left Kildare’s Garda force severely depleted. We are now drastically below the national average in regards to Gardaí to population ratio. In fact we have the lowest number of Gardaí per capita in the country. Despite three government T.D.’s North Kildare continues to receive the worst of the cuts to services imposed by Fine Gael and Labour.

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Motion on Wind Turbine Setback Passed at Council

kildare north windfarms

At yesterday’s full meeting of Kildare County Council, the Fianna Fáil group pushed through a motion calling for a minimum setback distance on wind turbines of 10 times tip height, to be incorporated into the county development plan and applied to future developments including the Maighne wind farm, application for which is being made for dozens of turbines in North West Kildare. Whilst the motion is controversial and was resisted by officials, we felt it was imperative we send a strong signal to the industry that the proposals are not acceptable and to government that we will wait on the guidelines no longer.

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Eadestown Windfarm Application Withdrawn

Earlier this week I welcomed the withdrawal of the planning application to build wind turbines at Eadestown (between Naas and Blessington). This proposal came on the table out of nowhere in June and it has now vanished again without trace.

It caused considerable concern and alarm amongst the local community and it was feared it would be the start of an entire belt of wind turbines stretching from Kilteel through Eadestown and into Ballymore Eustace areas. Credit to the local group, Eadestown Against Spin, who mobilised rapidly and got organised and led the charge in raising serious concerns on the plans.

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Eadestown Windfarm Proposals

In June, a proposal emerged by a private company to build a set of wind turbines on the hill at Athgarrett, Eadestown (on the Naas-Blessington road). The development was greeted with deep concern amongst the local community and series of public meetings were rapidly organised. I attended and spoke at all of these and have been working closely with the local group (Eadestown Against Spin).

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Motion Tabled to Suspend Wind Farm Applications

Wind TurbineWindfarm projects have been the source of much controversy across the Kildare area already and the latest development concerns a proposal to build a set of wind turbines at a site in Eadestown, just outside Naas nearing the Kildare / Wicklow border.

Residents have significant concerns and they have raised these with me. I have tabled a motion for the next full meeting of the County Council to suspend planning applications on such projects until greater finality exists around national and local guidelines.

This proposal came out of the blue really in Eadestown. Residents organised a public meeting in Eadestown GAA Hall, which I attended last Wednesday. There was understandable concern given that the site is pretty much at the heart of Eadestown village on a hill just between the church and the GAA field and very close to many houses and the village centre. There is also a concern that if the project starts here, before long the entire green belt from Ballymore to Kilteel would be spinning.

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