DART Underground Must Go Ahead

dart underground james lawlessThe DART Underground is the only project that offers the opportunity to provide an underground link between the existing DART line in Dublin and the Western rail line which currently terminates at Heuston station, nearly 3km away from the city centre. The construction of an underground rail link into the city centre will have enormous benefits for commuters in Kildare and beyond. The DART Underground will allow commuters to directly access the city centre without having to change service at Heuston station. It will reduce commuting times, vastly increase rail capacity and will encourage people to use public transport instead of driving into the city.
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Welcome Investment of LPT in Local Roads

James Lawless Kerdiffstown roadOn being elected I was determined that funds collected from the local property tax (LPT) must be spent locally and not redirected back to national government. At council level, we have made allocations around the district with significant grants being made to Tidy Towns and residents association groups across the Naas district. The LPT monies are also being targeted at playgrounds in Kill, Sallins and Caragh, undergrounding of cables on Naas main street and support for the Naas-Sallins greenway. I have also brought forward various road projects for attention and tried to get a balance according to geography and where the need was greatest.

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Cautious ​Welcome for Phoenix Park Tunnel

Phoenix Park tunnel James LawlessThe Phoenix Park tunnel works is a positive step but it is not a panacea. Whilst I will always welcome investment in the railway, the Phoenix Park tunnel is not the holy grail many hold it out to be. It does have the definite benefit of connecting the two major rail routes across the country for the first time in a hundred years. On the flip side it does little to get Kildare line commuters into the south part of the city where most of them want to go. Services using the park tunnel will terminate at Connolly and the journey time is not necessarily better than the current LUAS link option.

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Heritage Week 2015 in Kildare

Heritage week kildareHeritage Week 2015 commences on Saturday 22nd August and runs until Sunday 30th August. This year is packed full of exciting events all across the county all of which celebrate Kildare’s rich and varied heritage. The list of events include walks talks and exhibitions celebrating Kildare rich and varied heritage and everyone is invited to get involved. Heritage Week is part of a European Wide initiative with the express aims of fostering awareness of Ireland’s built, natural and cultural heritage, thereby encouraging its conservation and preservation and increasing interest in our shared heritage. The theme of National Heritage Week this year is “From mill to forge, from mind to hand – discovering Ireland’s industrial past”. Kildare has a rich industrial past, including our close connection to railways, equine activities, as well as our varied market and industrial towns. The list of events taking place in Kildare can be found here.

Welcome to Rural Broadband Services in North West Kildare

James Lawless broadband worksI welcome the new exchanged based version of fibre powered broadband which was launched in Broadford and Carbury on 29th July. These new cabinets will allow faster internet speeds for local residents and businesses. Broadband is a basic infrastructural requirement now, almost like electricity was at one time, and it is something I feel is a primary requirement for all homes and businesses in this day and age. It is crucial that the best possible service be made available to the maximum number of people. With these new cabinets in North West Kildare it will allow faster internet to an area which has been neglected for some time by internet providers.

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