Yellow Box for Osberstown Junction

James LawlessThe Osberstown junction in Sallins is overloaded and dangerous at times as traffic struggles to get out here. I was delighted to have my motion for a yellow box passed at council and put in place. Hopefully this will make some difference to the daily congestion here. However, I will continue to explore options for a long term solution at the junction to relieve the chronic traffic situation.

Kilteel / Eadestown / Rathmore eFibre rollout

I have been trying to make progress on broadband for the Kilteel / Eadestown / Rathmore area for some time. Unfortunately the latest news from Eircom is not so good here:

These areas are served by four exchanges – Brittas (Kilteel area), Kill (Kilteel/Rathmore), Rathmore (Rathmore and Eadestown) and Rathcoole (Kilteel/Rathmore area).


Brittas is DSL enabled but there are currently no forecasts dates available for when it will be upgraded to fibre.

Some customers in Eadestown are in the Naas exchange area and can currently avail of fibre based broadband. These are served off Naas_28 which is located at Beggar’s End near Punchestown Race Course. Other addresses in Eadestown  also connected to Naas are unfortunately over 2kms from this cabinet so can only avail of ADSL speeds. The rest are served from Rathmore exchange where ADSL speeds of between 6 and 12M should be achievable.

Rathmore exchange is on the fibre rollout plan but there is currently no forecast date available for enablement. It is DSL enabled and customers connected to this exchange can currently avail of speeds of up to 24M.

I will keep on top of this one as I know how important it is for the area.


Sallins Broadband Updates

Sallins currently has three different broaband (eFibre) installations going on:

Sallins Pier / Sallins Wharf / Osberstown Park / Osberstown Court

As per recent newsletters, I have been working with Eircom Networks Division for some time to advance and accelerate the rollout of their high speed ‘eFibre’ broadband across Sallins village and across the area and to escalate to them different queries that residents raise locally.

Sallins Pier & Wharf, Osberstown Park & Drive all come under the same network infrastructure and we will all be eligible to receive eFibre broadband from the new cabinet (Eircom Ref “SLS1_044”) which was installed just at the entrance to Sallins Wharf at the start of the Summer.

Eircom have informed me that that cabinet is now powered up and in final testing / commissioning phase.  The next stage is that Eircom must advise the other broadband providers that the cabinet is enabled so they can have a chance to offer products against it.

Eircom have advised me that the earliest date they could accept customer orders would be the 22nd October. Based on experience I would add a few weeks to that but I would still expect eFibre will be available in our estates in time to order Christmas presents online this year.

Millbank and Sallins Town Centre

Because there was a management company involved here it took a while to get the paperwork signed off. That is now done and the kit is underway. Millbank estate is served by Sallins_005 which is located in Millbank itself.  This cabinet is physically in place but is still awaiting the power supply so that Eircom can complete installation and fibre enablement of the site. The current forecast date for enablement is December. Once live Eircom should be in a position to offer fibre based broadband to almost 200 addresses served from this cabinet.

Oldbridge / Hunters Wood

A cabinet is due to be physically installed at Hunters Wood which will also serve Oldbridge. A contact in the residents committee is needed to progress the paperwork ; if anyone wishes to contact me re this, that would be useful to advance the installation.

Prosperous Broadband Update

Prosperous Broadband Rollout

As per other posts, I have been lobbying to ensure broadband is rolled out across the area and am in regular contact with Eircom senior management to obtain details of how the eFibre rollout is progressing. Re Prosperous I was informed last week that the first two cabinets are due to be fibre enabled by the end of this year. These two cabinets are located at Curryshill and at Hatters Cross. Once live these should bring over 500 addresses into scope for high speed broadband. There are a further two cabinets located opposite the church and at Rath Avenue that are in development phase at the moment. I will continue to engage with Eircom management to ensure Prosperous benefits fully from the rollout programme.

Johnstown Broadband Update

I have been working with Eircom Networks for some time to advance and accelerate the rollout of their high speed ‘eFibre’ broadband offering across the local area and to escalate different queries that come in from constituents. I understand that Johnstown village has been listing as being “enabled” on the website however orders could not be placed when people rang in.

I have followed this up with Eircom and I can now advise as follows:Two broadband cabinets are being installed, “Johnstown_01”, which is located at the rear of the Centra shop and “Johnstown_02” which is at the entrance of St. John’s Court/Grove. “Johnstown_01” is now physically in place but still awaiting power connections. ESB need to next power up the cabinet and this typically takes between 4-6 weeks after installation. The current forecast date for “Johnstown_01” to “Go-Live” is December. Once live approximately 135 addresses served off this cabinet should be in scope to qualify for high speed broadband. This should cover most of Johnstown Manor and the properties in / around the village centre.

The second cabinet, “Johnstown_02”, is to be installed at John’s Grove but is not physically completed yet with fibre feed installed; I am waiting for an installation date on that cabinet.

The prediction at this stage is that “Johnstown_01” will be in a position to accept orders by Christmas but “Johnstown_02” is likely to lag behind into the New Year.